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"I see no God up here..."

You and your vessel were sucked by a black hole. Now you are trapped in a dungeon, and just your driving abilities can save you! Avoid the walls no matter what and find the way out.

How to survive (or try to)

X - start the game for the first time

C - view the credits

ARROWS - move your vessel

UP - restart when dies or advance level when reaches portal

Contact the Mission Control Center

If you liked the game, please consider doing one (or more) of these things:

  1. You can share the game;
  2. You can follow me on Twitter;
  3. You can send me a email with your feedback/suggestion/death threat;
  4. You can make a donation. Even 1 cent counts (:

Mission Credits




Tileset by Buch under PUBLIC DOMAIN


Main theme by FoxSynergy under CC-BY 3.0

Cool effect 1 by Ogrebane under PUBLIC DOMAIN

Cool effect 2 by Iwan Gabovitch under PUBLIC DOMAIN

Cool effect 3 by Sudocolon under PUBLIC DOMAIN


ZachLewis' code and tips and Lessmilk's way of rock (=